Best Paper Award for HighWire Students

HighWire Students, Louise Mullagh, Vanessa Thomas and Ding Wang, along with Professor Nick Dunn, received the Best Paper Award at the 8th conference of International Forum of Urbanism (IFoU) that took place in Incheon, Korea from 22 to 24 June 2015.

Congratulations to Vanessa Thomas, Ding Wang, Louise Mullagh and Professor Nick Dunn, whose paper “Where’s Wally? In search of citizen perspectives on the smart city” recently won a ‘best paper’ award at the International Forum on Urbanism’s 8th Conference. The paper details an ongoing research project that explores people's familiarity with and visions for 'the smart city'.

Interviews conducted with people in London, Manchester and Glasgow—three of the UK’s smart cities—revealed that most people were unfamiliar with the concept and held highly heterogeneous visions for future ’smart cities', thereby suggesting that there can be no ’true’ model for future 'smart' cities.

The paper ultimately questions the value of the phrase ’smart city’ and the usefulness of focusing research on ‘citizens’. Vanessa, Ding and Louise are PhD students with the HighWire Centre for Doctoral Training. Nick Dunn is Professor of Urban Design with ImaginationLancaster.

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