Creative Communities

Making Interactive Quilts to encourage community bonding, innovation and skills acquisition.

We are working with physical communities on an Interactive Textile Project. Making a Quilt is helpful because it lends itself to group work and can be re-purposed to the needs and interests of individual groups. When scanned by a smart digital device, each piece of the quilt reveals it's hidden digital story. Ultimately we will branch out into making textiles other than quilts and using other technologies. The three projects underway are listed below.

The first group is a Blackburn based multi-racial group of young women encouraging women into computing. This took place at the 'Blackburn is Open' shop initiated by the Council and Wayne Hemmingway. There is a radio interview imminent.

The second project about to take place is a family centre and possibly members of mumsnet focussing on skills enhancement, creativity and networking.

The third project planned for Summer is with a small rural market town raising its profile and bringing together different sections of the community.

When we have finished we may demonstrate them at the NEC if the groups want to take up this offer.

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