Benjamin Wohl

I have a background in in Media and Communication but see myself as moving into the field of theoretical digital economy. I am particularly interested in finding the location of labour in the digital economy. I am excited to explore the concept of whether digital capitalism is the only potential future for online commerce or if there are alternative economic models which can shape the future of goods and services in an online environments.

My current work is and exploration of the experience and creation of a digital 'subject'. I build strongly on a background in continental philosophy which I gained from studying at the European Graduate School. Being based at HighWire gives me the opportunity to mix the theoretical and the practical. What are the business models of the web and what are the architectures that they are built on? What are the designs of the digital economy and what is the ideology it contains? What are the power structures, superstructures and infrastructures of web 2.0? Although I don't see my self as a skeptic, my approach tends to be from a critical (theory) perspective.

Feel free to contact me on Twitter (@benwohl) or through my University of lancaster email: b.wohl(a)

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