John Hardy

PhD Title: Toolkit Support for Interactive Projected Displays, Awarded November 2014

My research focused on developing tools which help people construct, deploy, and innovate with interactive projected displays and ubiquitous computing. I have designed, implemented, and evaluated a wide range of blue sky ideas and novel interactive systems, including a collaborative software engineering workspace, an interactive office desk, augmented reality games, a particle physics simulator, several super secret projects, and a toolkit for supporting interactive projected displays.

The leading contribution of my Ph.D thesis was an open source project which enables anybody with web development skills to transform walls, furniture and objects into new interactive experiences. The goal was to make building such a display, as simple as building a web page.

In the past, similar systems required a lot of time, skills, and equipment to create. By reducing the skills, costs and time required to build such displays, the work allows more people to experiment with the intersection of digital and physical computing. It is my hope that toolkits such as this will ultimately help to expand the set of what we consider to be computable interactions and inform the design of interfaces for the future.

I hold a Distinguished M.Res in Digital Innovation awarded by the HighWire Programme, in addition to a First Class B.Sc Honours degree in Computer Science Innovation also from Lancaster University and was awarded the Chancellor's Medal for outstanding academic achievement.

I am also a director of Hardy and Ellis Inventions LTD and Technical Director of the ST Excalibur project. A preview video is shown below.


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