Sebastian Weise

Prior to joining HighWire my background was in business development, marketing, and business strategy. In 2010 I completed a Bachelor in Business Administration from Lancaster University Management School with first class honours. I've always been fascinated in the ability of information technologies in organising not only commercial business, but also society at large.

Since joining HighWire in 2010, I have been exploring the role of information technologies applied in public-facing settings and in the respect to conversations which go in in the context of decision making on physical spaces in urban areas for instance. Here past technological trends such as mobile computing enabled by update of smartphones, emergence of the social and semantic web, and the Internet of Things open many opportunities but also risks for decision making on topics of public interest. In my research I am studying literature on open data, geographic information systems, crowd sourcing and peer production.

As part of my PhD and my own personal critical exploration of the effects of information technologies in discussions related to physical space involved me in a larger single case study conducted under the banner "PlaceChangers". Through it I am exploring which social and institutional considerations might enabled new forms of participation in urban planning.


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