What We Study

Indicative Research Areas

There are no prescribed areas of interest for HighWire. Rather, students on the programme can select their own research interests as long as:

  • the research topic is inspired by digital innovation or digital futures more generally.
  • the work has the potential for real impact on the digital economy or society more generally (e.g. through working directly with key stakeholders in your area).

Examples of areas we look at include:

Theme Description
The Impact of Emergent and Disruptive Communication Technologies on Rural Communities Exploring the impact of emergent and disruptive communication technologies and services on rural communities and the possible fusion of business and governmental opportunities arising from this contribution, especially for small and medium sized enterprises.
Structuring of Organisations and Technology Looking at how organisational practices and capabilities are affected by the need for the development and marketing of digital innovations in the case of digital system producers, and the need for modifying digital artefacts and organisational practices to exploit capabilities offered in digital innovations in the case of organisational end-users.
Digital Products and Sustainability This would explore ideas that enable an interdisciplinary approach to the challenge of design for sustainability. Grounded in technical feasibility and new production possibilities and informed by the need for transitions in business organisation, supply chains, etc. this will develop constructive and sustainable relationships between global and local/regional production.
Democratisation and Open Innovation This theme would study the emerging phenomenon of the democratisation of innovation and its technical, business and design implications as a key strategic contribution to the digital economy. Areas of activity would include, citizen journalism, open source, co-creation, open innovation, post-participatory design and mass creativity.

We stress though that these are just examples and we look forward to hearing about your ideas and concepts. It is also worth looking at what our existing student body is working on – look in particular at our people, their research interests, and their projects.

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