Where We Work

HighWire at LICA

HighWire is located within the state-of-the-art LICA Building completed in October 2010. Awarded ‘outstanding’ through BREEAM (British Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method), the building is constructed from environmentally friendly timber, makes use of harvested rainwater and uses low-energy lighting. It also has excellent facilities for cyclists.

HighWire Studio

Within the LICA building, HighWire has its own collaborative working space. This space is separated into a number of different parts, which support different activities. We have an open space configuration supporting group and collaborative work. A separate area accommodates hot-desking workspaces for individual work. In the middle of these two areas is a social space with comfortable chairs, personal lockers a shower facility. Gordon Blair.jpg

Around the outside of the studio are a number of meeting rooms that may be used by HighWire students along with a dedicated quiet study room. For printing, the space offers a standard-sized HP colour printer as well as a colour plotter capable of printing up to A0-sized posters. We also offer two stationary work stations for off-site work as well as for high performance video, image, and audio editing.

Digital Fabrication Workshop

HighWire has access to a digital fabrication workshop equipped with workbenches, toolkits, hand tools and associated equipment. For fabrication we have available an Epilog 75W Laser Cutter and an HP Designjet Colour 3D Printer along with workshop power tools including a bandsaw, belt sander and pillar drill. To complement these tools we also have a vacuum former to create specialised forms and a spray booth for final finishing of products. We support physical computing work through the use of Arduino Microprocessor boards, sensors and actuators. Also available is a project and assembly space next to the workshop.

Surrounding Environment

The LICA building contains an installation space for interactive arts concepts , a dance hall for performance pieces and music technology rooms to support creation of audio work. Outside in a wooded area are a number of purpose-built pods offering additional work areas in a secluded area of the campus.

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