A City Worth Fighting For

Adam Greenfield shares his views on (digital) urbanism - cities that are participatory, adaptive, inherently resilient, and just.

Abstract for his talk

This talk presents research undertaken as part of Adam Greenfield's yearlong fellowship at LSE Cities, just concluded, and takes as its point of departure the line of critique he opened up in the pamphlet "Against the smart city", which was named one of Verso’s top books of 2013.

"Against the smart city" called the predominating neoliberal vision of technologised urbanity into the sharpest question. By contrast, in this new talk, Greenfield lays out the contours of an affirmative vision for networked urbanism that responds to an entirely different set of prerogatives — one that is participatory, adaptive, inherently resilient, and just.

Adam's (short) bio

Adam Greenfield is Senior Urban Fellow at LSE Cities, founder and managing director of design practice Urbanscale, and author most recently of "Against the smart city."

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