Where now? Making a difference with innovation and the digital economy

Talking risks in the 'digital world'.


With options available for everyone with a computer and an internet connection to change the world why don’t more people do it? Or is it that loads of people try and fail? David Roberts will share with you his experiences that got him to where he is now and what drives him to continue to take risks in the digital world.

David's bio

At 34 it’s quite a journey already. David Roberts left corporate life in Dec 2011 wanting back the sense of excitement that only innovation and entrepreneurial activity gave him. Now, as chief operating officer of Droplet Online Limited with 3 other co-founders he is responsible for bringing to the world a new equitable way of using your mobile to pay for goods and services. Launched in October 2012 in Birmingham Droplet are using mobile technology to reboot the payments industry. If everything goes well they will be competing with some of the biggest global brands in payments space and their motto is “go big or go home”. Everything suggests that they won’t be doing the former without a good fight.

David is highly regarded as an engaging and inspiring presenter and enthusiastic supporter of entrepreneurial activity. He openly shares his back story of band management, creative industry business support, public sector procurement with private sector delivery and creating raving fans in corporate life to make sense of his journey so far. He regularly speaks at universities encouraging students of all levels to take advantage of opportunities to learn as much and as fast as possible to prepare themselves for the future – whatever that may be.

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