Social Media, Social Good: Ultra-Large Scale Public Engagement Systems to Challenge Anti-Social Behaviour

Introducing an EPSRC project...


How can technologies support community participation in order to address anti-social behaviour? This session will introduce the inter-disciplinary project Social Media, Social Good, an EPSRC funded collaboration between Computing and Communications, Department of Applied Social Science and Psychology. Taking a broad definition of anti-social behaviour (ASB), the project seeks to explore how new technologies can aid community responses to ASB. The session will introduce the project and encourage discussion around possible innovations in this field.

Karenza's bio

Karenza Moore was awarded her PhD in Sociology on versions of the future in relation to mobile technology in 2004 from Surrey University, UK. In 2002, she was employed as part of MGain, a multi-partner EU FP7 project on mobile entertainment across Europe at Manchester University. From there Karenza was Research Associate at the Information Systems Institute, Salford University, working on WINIT, a European Social Fund (ESF) project on women in the British ICT industry. Alongside Dr Marie Griffiths, she successfully bid for a second ESF project Disappearing Women on the attrition rate amongst senior women in the British ICT industry. Karenza also undertakes research on dance cultures, club drugs, novel psychoactive substances and drug policy with her first paper on young adult's consumption of drugs in nightclub settings published in 2003. Karenza was appointed as Lecturer in Applied Social Science at Lancaster University in 2006.

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