Tactical Media

Talk looking into the histories and contemporary landscape of tactical media.


This session examines the histories and contemporary landscape of tactical media. Emile Devereaux will briefly introduce his involvement with media projects since the early 1990's in order to break apart the interdisciplinary approaches and methods that inform the work. A focus on the ways that economic and social relations inform media practices and the problematic negotiations between what can be considered global, local or multi-site will be followed by a workshop for shaping your own projects.

Emile's bio

Emile Devereaux’s research focuses on the impact of technological developments, economies, and systems of distribution on bodies and environments.

Devereaux’s practice-as-research includes tactical media, site-specific interventions, and socially-engaged projects combining film, video, animation, performance and interactive media. Situational works have taken shape in such diverse locations as Riejka Crnojevica, Montenegro (2009), Buenos Aires, Argentina (2008) and Majdanpek, Serbia (2006).

Likewise his published works analyse historical precursors to new media technologies and interrogate how changing technologies alter understandings of bodies and identities.

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