Cloud Computing and Environmental Clouds

Gordon introduces us to cloud computing and its potential impact in the digital economy.


This session will look at the emergence of cloud computing and its potential impact in the digital economy. The session will first of all explain the rise of cloud computing and the historical factors that have led to its emergence and then introduce the meaning of cloud computing and the many facets of cloud computing as it exists today. The session will also consider the role of cloud computing in one area of digital futures, that is in the management of the natural environment, in supporting Environmental Scientists to deal with big science questions as raised by, for example, climate change.

Gordon's bio

Gordon Blair is a Professor of Distributed Systems in the Computing Department at Lancaster University and is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Tromsø in Norway. He is also Head of Department, having served in this role for the past 5 years. He has published over 250 papers in his field and is on the PCs of many major international conferences in middleware and distributed systems. He is chair of the steering committee of the ACM/ IFIP/ Usenix Middleware series of conferences. He has been primarily responsible for a large number of research projects at Lancaster. His current research interests include distributed systems architecture, middleware (including reflective and adaptive middleware), mobile and ubiquitous systems and model-driven engineering techniques applied to adaptive distributed systems. He has recently taken on the role of being co-author of the highly successful book Distributed Systems: Concepts and Design by Coulouris, Dollimore and Kindberg with the 5th edition due to be completed in Summer 2009.

Gordon is also the director of HighWire!

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