Problem driven learning and social enterprise in North Cumbria.

David Kinsella shares with us his experiences of introducing ICT education into school curricula.


Michael Gove has bemoaned the lack of excitement in how ICT has been taught and has postponed the current curriculum until 2014. A number of companies such as Microsoft and Facebook are offering bursaries to create a new generation of teachers who can program and every child be allowed access to programming. Is this the best way forward to help all students?

In my school, Nelson Thominson school, in Wigton, Cumbria we have been looking at this issue for a number of years and would like to share the experiences of a number of schemes that the school have been active in in order to further education in ICT.

David's bio

David Kinsella works at Nelson Thominson School in Wigton who has been using initiatives like "Apps for Good" to inject excitement and value into the ICT curriculum.

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