Big Data, Security and Twitter Bots

HW is particularly delighted to welcome Miranda Mowbray from HP Labs in Bristol talking to us about big data security, Internet-connected toasters, and Twitter bots.


This talk is in two parts. The first part is on the fashionable topic of Big Data analysis, describing some of its limitations. In the second part I will talk about automated Twitter accounts, particularly from a security perspective. Among other things, my talk will mention an Internet-enabled toaster, a rice cooker that wants to be your friend on Twitter, and an excuse to eat more chocolate.


Miranda Mowbray is a research scientist at HP Labs Bristol, where she researches new ways of analyzing data to detect attacks on computer networks. She is currently developing an ethical code of practice for Big Data analysis, as part of a team from several organizations in the Big Data sector. Her PhD is in Algebra, from London University. She is not a bot, honest.

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