Permaculture - managing energy and complexity in an uncertain world

Angus Soutar on permaculture, energy use, and sustainable design practice. This session will provide an insight into a design approach that tackles "wicked" problems.


This session will provide an insight into a design approach that tackles "wicked" problems. This includes the asking of "wicked" questions, such as "What is technology for?" and "What are we learning in the new Digital Age?".

Permaculture is a design system that draws its inspiration from the way that natural systems work. Those systems provide us with lessons about the sustainable use of energy and materials, and, more importantly, about accepting and dealing with complexity. Permaculture emerged out of the Australian university system in the 1970's and has now "gone wild" in almost every country across the planet.

Speaker's bio

The seminar will be led by Angus Soutar. Following an initial career as a chartered engineer in the UK energy industry, Angus gained an MBA at Cranfield University, subsequently working in urban and rural regeneration. He has used computer systems to support his work since the early days of punched cards and analogue computers.

In 1997 Angus was awarded the Diploma in Permaculture Design. Since then he has continued to practice and teach, working on community based regeneration and ecological design projects. He is accredited internationally by the Permaculture Research Institute and is a co-founder of the Permaculture Institute of North Britain.

Lately, he has been working on the development of small enterprises that take a practical approach to the "perfect storm" of uncertainty facing many families and individuals within society today.

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