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‚ÄčEncoding Matter: Bio-Inspired Computation for Digital Fabrication. Generative design processes producing complex buildable geometries.

Encoding Matter: Bio-Inspired Computation for Digital Fabrication

Digital fabrication technologies are providing exciting and potentially game-changing opportunities for designers and engineers in many fields. These technologies enable the construction of increasingly complex (and previously unbuildable) geometries with exotic material compositions. Yet, they also create big challenges regarding how we digitally represent and manipulate truly complex structures during the design process. Using bio-inspired computation and cutting-edge generative encodings, our research aims to leverage digital fabrication technologies and create entirely new types of high-performance structures for various design applications. In this talk, I will discuss our ongoing investigations, show 3D printed prototypes, and demonstrate how and why, the way we encode matter, matters.

Presented by Dr Daniel Richards, Post-Doc Research Associate at DRI Manchester

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