Full-day workshop with Stuart Nolan

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HCI, Illusion Design and The Mindreading Web

HCI, Illusion Design and The Mindreading Web with Stuart Nolan (http://www.hexinduction.com/)

A great deal of human communication is subconscious yet the existing web is designed for conscious communication. The emerging combination of Thought Identification Technologies, Robotics, and Cold Data Reading will change this, opening up new ways of playing, working, and learning. Subconscious Interfaces will make interaction more responsive and playful but also more mysterious, illusory, opaque, and potentially insecure. What will The Mindreading Web feel like?

We will need to consciously design deception and illusion into The Mindreading Web or we risk building it in accidentally without understanding it. To do this we need to consider Illusion Design as a discipline that extends far beyond the subtle tricks and sparkly boxes of the stage magician.

The workshop will be followed by an evening of Food + Awe. This is your opportunity to share something you find genuinely awesome with everyone. Please bring along an object, story, photo or party-piece that has knocked you for six.

Stuart will be on hand with some more pieces of strange for your consideration.

Please register your interest at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/hci-illusion-design-and-the-mindreading-web-tickets-2528334316

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