Digital Futures Seminar on time, temporality, the future, and design

Seminar with two speakers, David Kirby and Larissa Pschetz, talking on the theme of time, temporality, the future, and design.

  • Our first speaker is David Kirby, author of Lab Coats in Hollywood, and Senior Lecturer of Science Communication Studies at the University of Manchester.

His work is always fascinating, and very articulately communicated, I think it'll be a treat to listen to him speak.

David's website is here:

There are no end of other endorsements and reviews on David's website, but here are a couple of quotes about his book:

"This isn't an esoteric tome of jargon-filled social science. It's a neat little book for a generally interested reader; direct, clear, thoughtful and communicated with a genuine interest in the people it studies."

-Review in Through the Looking Glass by science communication scholar Alice Bell

"Kirby has written that rare book: a scholarly work at the intersection of popular culture and serious science that is accessible and highly readable."

-Review in Physics World by Jim Kakalios

  • The second speaker will be Larissa Pschetz.

Larissa is an interaction designer with interests in data, stories, electronics and 'temporal design'.

Larissa has worked with Microsoft Research, IBM's Watson team, several interaction design companies, she's exhibited work at the Venice Biennale and currently a researcher based at Design Informatics, Edinburgh College of Art (where she also completed a PhD).

My personal favourite project is the Quantified Toilet, which was 'in operation' - so to speak - at CHI2014 (see

Whether these topics are directly related to your interests or not, I'm sure that both talks will be engaging, fun and insightful... it would be wonderful if you can make it along.

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