Mobilities & Design workshop

HighWire proudly co-funds this workshop on mobilities and design.

Workshop theme

The most interesting and productive design approaches and theories today draw on science and technology studies, phenomenology, feminist theory and process philosophy and, more recently, mobilities research to explore ways of ‘staging’ mobilities to acknowledge the ‘worlding’ of design through approaches of ‘design in use’, ‘design after design or ‘thing design’, and to develop inventive, collaborative and mobile methods that insert design creatively, accountably and radically carefully into the indigenous inventiveness of flux. There is a need to respond creatively and circumspectly to the ‘transductions’ that ensue from the ontogenetic joining of designed objects into the flux of everyday life – especially around the technicity of code in urban code/space. This requires engagement with design publics, forms of design that can engender multi-party experimentation, such as speculative, critical design and design noir, effects driven design, gameful design, and the use of mapping, narrative and interpretation in collaborative urban design. Last, but not least, studies of existing and emergent future practices are critical for anchoring invention in an understanding of everyday life and often part of design. In this workshop we bring a selection of practitioners and scholars from mobilities research and design together to explore the analytical and creative leverage enabled by mobilising design in view of some of the most pressing challenges and opportunities in contemporary urban life. (Source: event's website)


  • Thomas Binder, Danish Design School, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Paul Coulton, Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Arts, Lancaster University
  • Nick Dunn, Imagination, Lancaster University
  • Anne Galloway, School of Design, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
  • Ole B. Jensen, Aalborg University, Denmark
  • Kim Sawchuk, Concordia University, Canada (video + Skype Q&A)
  • John, Urry, Centre for Mobilties Research, Lancaster University - discussant


Registration is free. Follow the link in the side bar

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