The Ghost Box by Steve McWade

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An intimate and immersive 15-minute performance for four people. Part live performance, science experiment, ghost story and illusion.

You happen upon Dr. Zimmerman, an eccentric scientist at work in his laboratory. He is poised to realise his life’s ambition – communicating with the dead.

Zimmerman hurriedly prepares to take you on a journey into the past – to solve the mystery of the ghost of a little girl who walks the corridors of Lancaster Castle's silent prison. As the lab falls into darkness, the lights within the Ghost Box flicker as it groans into life. What secrets will Dr. Zimmerman’s curious contraption reveal?

Steve is a HighWire student who has received funding from Light Up Lancaster, Lancashire Encounter (Preston) and Lancaster Arts (formerly Live @ LICA) to support the development of The Ghost Box - a performance that forms the first practical component of his PhD.

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