Technology and organizing: Impacts of immateriality on individuals and collectives

Speakers from LUMS present and debate the effects of pervasive technologies at the workplace and beyond


IT (Information Technology) is a means of "disembodiment" or "im-materialization of things", with the consequence that processes are digitized, products are informated, and people are potentially able to use technologies pervasively and ubiquitously. Mirroring these, four topics are presented as follows --

  1. IT outsourcing as a strategic undertaking, and conceptualized as a set of dynamic capabilities,
  2. With IT becoming a component of products, how organizations can interweave IT planning and business planning and the associated implications for IT strategy and IT professionals,
  3. IT use is beginning to show bad and unintended effects such as stress, addiction, fraud, internet pornography. How do we tackle the bad and leverage the unintended?
  4. Populations so far excluded from mainstreams, at various levels, now have an inclusion opportunity, because information access and processing devices have become easy and affordable. How can organizations and societies harness this potential? How can IT be used for addressing social issues?
Group work and discussion will follow.


Forough Karimi-Alaghehband has recently joined Lancaster University Management School as a Lecturer of Information Systems. She has a Ph.D. in Information Technology from HEC Montréal. She has a bachelor of Industrial Management and a Master's degree in Information Technology Management. Her main research interests are in the areas of outsourcing of information systems services and strategic alignment of information technology. Her work appeared in the /Journal of Strategic Information Systems/ and in the proceedings of /ICIS/ (International Conference on Information Systems) and /AMCIS/ (Americas Conference on Information Systems).

Monideepa Tarafdar joined the department of Management Science as Professor of Information Systems in September 2013. Prior to that she was Professor of Information Systems at University of Toledo (as also Associate and Assistant Professor there). She holds an undergraduate degree in physics and a graduate degree in telecommunications and electronics (Radiophysics) engineering from University of Calcutta, and a doctorate in management (specializations in Information Systems and Strategic Management) from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. Her interests include: individual and organizational adjustments required for effective information technology use, maladaptive or harmful uses of information technologies, technology-enabled business innovation and business strategy, impacts of technology in economically under-developed social contexts, and impacts of information management and information systems use on product and service supply chain processes.

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