Interaction-Oriented Software Engineering

Organizations, Norms, Trust,...,The Future. New approaches in software engineering.

We understand sociotechnical systems as computationally mediated systems involving multiple social participants -- people and organizations -- manipulating physical resources. The social participants are autonomous, have heterogeneous information systems, and interact and enter in social relationships with each other. Cross organizational business processes and health care are examples of such systems.

Traditionally, software engineering has tended to take a conceptually centralized view of systems. Consequently, it is ill-equipped to deal with the challenges of sociotechnical systems, which are logically decentralized. Interaction Oriented Software Engineering (IOSE) is a new approach for modeling and engineering sociotechnical systems. The emphasis on specifying the meaning of interaction in terms of high-level social abstractions such as commitments sets IOSE apart from other approaches. In this talk, I motivate and introduce the main concepts and principles of IOSE.

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