Digital futures with Phil Laszkowicz

How can the civilian technology community rebuild the Internet and Web security to reclaim it from its military origins and secure individual freedoms?


Phil Laszkowicz presents a response to this question to open up and invite a discussion about the involvement of technologists to create better standards at community and industry standards organisations, such as IETF and the World Wide Web Consortium. "I’ve been dubbing this the Civilian Network or CivNet, as opposed to the Internet."

"A well respected industry mentor and consultant, Phil is currently working amongst SMEs and the tech start up community across Manchester. It is hard to pin him down so it is an honour to be able to secure some of his time and gain some insight into his wizardry." Gordon Blair

Phil's bio

Phil is a consultant in the technology sector with a vast array of software / system architecture, development, and project delivery experience. This includes over a decade working within the Java Community Process (JCP) and working on open standards for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), whilst delivering cutting-edge projects and consulting for some of the most successful organisations around the world, including Adecco, Citigroup, IBM, Lloyds Banking Group, Microsoft, Nokia, Oracle, United Nations, and Volkswagen Group.

Accredited in agile methodologies, solution and enterprise architecture, and project management practices, Phil is a specialist in open source software (FLOSS) and open industry standards, including work with IETF and W3C communities and has delivered intelligence systems, identity and access management systems, enterprise financial systems, telecommunications solutions, mobile platforms & apps, cloud services, core operating systems technologies, augmented reality solutions, and embedded media systems.

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