Influencing Behavior: Games for Change

Emanuel shares his experience in gameful design for influencing behavioural change.

Abstract for this session

In this interactive session Emmanuel will be presenting and setting up for discussion the topic of influencing behavior through games. The talk will include explanation of concepts such as serious games, gamification, gameful design and games for change. Through a number of research projects (both project conducted by Emmanuel and that of others) who have employed these methods, Emmanuel will be offering an insight on potential ways you can incorporate gameful design in your PhD research.

Emanuel Tsekleves' bio

Emmanuel Tsekleves joined Imagination Lab recently, as a senior lecturer in Design Interactions. His background has been in digital design and technology. Emmanuel designs interactions between people, places and products. His primary research interests are in designing and co-designing interactions, experiences, tools and games that inform and influence behaviour change, promote a better society and facilitate health and wellbeing.

Emmanuel has been employing a practice-based and co-design approach in investigating how digital economy can enable a more sustainable society, especially in the areas of health and well-being, energy and defence.

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