Making Pixel Dust

Experiences from the Design, Implementation and Commercialisation of a Smart Display Technology.


Digital Displays are a fundamental component of modern technology, from handheld smart phones to large scale public displays. Yet, the principles of these displays have largely been a constant - fixed size, fixed density, rectangular displays. The Firefly project at Lancaster University challenges this assumption. It envisages a world where displays are formed from a collection of independent, self-organizing pixels able to dynamically create displays of any size, shape or density. This talk discusses the challenges associated with this vision, the lessons learned from designing, building and commercializing its current architectural scale implementation, and invites discussion and contributions to the remaining challenges faced by the project.


Joe Finney is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing and Communications. His research revolves around the investigation of network and system support for mobile, embedded and ubiquitous computing, with a particular focus on prototyping novel and emerging applications, to discover the requirements, architectures, protocols and techniques for future networks and systems. His early work centred around protocol support for wireless networks including work with the Mobile IPv6 protocol that was later adopted by Microsoft and integrated in their Windows operating systems. More recent works have developed technologies for low form factor, large scale embedded systems, including a patented and licensed technology for the creation of emergent displays.

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