HighWire Masterclass: Captivating Stakeholders Through Storytelling

Nick Jankel shares a strategy to turn ideas, projects and plans into compelling stories that engage people with a specific call for action

Session abstract

Stakeholders - whether external or internal - don't buy into figures, project proposals, performance measures or impact assessments. They buy into the stories about those figures, project proposals, performance measures and impact assessments! This is a half day masterclass on how to use the most powerful Hollywood storytelling techniques combined with state-of-the-art breakthrough innovation methodologies to engage investors, funders, customers, audiences, users and stakeholders so that they get, grasp and go for your ideas. Learn how to hone and craft your story with an 8-step process until it clearly shares your vision, your insights, your innovation and the opportunity you are sharing so that others are ready to respond to your call for action.

Memorable quotes

  • "If you want me to talk 1 hour give me 5 minutes to prepare; if you want me to talk 5 minutes, give me 1 hour to prepare."
  • "To change the words we need to change the story with which the world is running with".


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