Synergize 2014 conference

Synergize 2014 brings together the best of collaborative research at Lancaster University - hosted by Catalyst in collaboration with HighWire, CX, and Proud. Register now to attend.

The value of collaborative research – both across academic disciplines and beyond university borders – is well known. When researchers partner with individuals or teams across different sectors, all parties benefit: the multiple flow and exchange of knowledge contributes to societal good and enriches the university experience. The trend for researchers to work outside university settings will increase in the future. This leads to better and more meaningful research, whilst fulfilling the growing concerns for academics to demonstrate the impact of their research. But, more fundamentally, as our world evolves there is a blurring of the disciplinary boundaries that no longer suffice to address the global challenges of our day.

Collaborative research is already well entrenched in many academic disciplines, with some more ‘cross-disciplinary’ in approach than others, each have developed their own methods and techniques for working alongside end users and other stakeholders on joint research projects. However, different communities use different terminologies, think differently about collaborative research, or approach the challenges of collaborative research from different perspectives.

The synergize2014 conference at Lancaster University, UK will bring together innovators from across the academic spectrum and from a variety of business and community backgrounds, to celebrate exemplar projects, and demystify the practices and termonologies associated with collaborative research. The conference will focus upon multidisciplinary work with keynote speakers, panel discussions, debates and interactive exhibitions featured within five topic themes: co-design, research in the wild, citizen science, research partnerships, engagement and impact.

The conference will integrate academic excellence with practical impact, to impart values of rigorous research and high standards, whilst also working with citizens, industry, business and community organisations. synergize2014 will be a forum for practitioners, researchers and academics, across all disciplines with equal emphasis on theory and practice.


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