Interactive Theatre: Reconfiguring the value space

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Interactive workshop on the value of theatre

An Interactive Workshop to explore values of theatre from both academic and theatre maker perspective – funded by NEMODE (New Economic Models for the Digital Economy), the Research Council UK and Lancaster University – will take place on:

15th September 2014

10am – 4pm

Watershed, Bristol.

Creative Industries are key to both cultural and economic progress in an increasingly competitive world. Divisions of the arts and culture industries, including theatre, are the largest contributors to the industry’s collective turnover estimated £5.9 billion. Yet, little is known about the overall value of digital technology in theatre. There is a growing body of research into audience perceptions and value on both sides of the Atlantic. However, there are few inquiries into theatre makers and their perceptions on the value of digital technologies in theatre.

This event is open to both academic and theatre practitioners to assist this debate.

The day will begin with coffee and registration at 9:30am. Talks commence at 10am from both theatre practitioners and scholars with opportunities for both questions and answers, and open forum discussions. An example of a digitally enhanced production will be experienced at 12.30. Check out the following link for details:

After lunch, the talks will continue with opportunities for participants to voice their thoughts on the value of theatre.

A light lunch is included in this event but please note, places on this innovative interactive NEMODE workshop are limited.

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