Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have a diverse range of students with varying backgrounds - mature students with a large range of experience in industry and also recent graduates.

No, we just ask for a degree/significant professional experience that fits within the course and it's research.

Not necessarily, we have students on the scheme with backgrounds in Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, Fine Art, Film studies, Music etc. As long as you are a good fit with the programme and you can demonstrate skills that are relevant/compliment our research we will consider other disciplines.

Self funded students can submit an application at any time.

In HighWire we are very aware that your research interests will probably change through the transformative first year. However, as part of the application process we are asking for a research proposal that is representative of your current research interests to evaluate your fit for the programme, your ability to develop a research proposal, and the extent to which you embrace cross-disciplinary studies.

We do not offer HighWire on a part-time basis due to the full-time MRes year.

HighWire does not offer a distance learning option.

All of our shortlisted applicants are interviewed, the majority face-to-face though for overseas and EU candidates we will often perform a Skype interview. We are happy to cover all reasonable travel and subsistence expenses, even sometimes for EU students to fly in, however please check if you are unsure before booking, and remember to keep all receipts.

If you have applied for a funded position, applications will be looked at in early May with an aim to shortlist for interviews by mid-late May. We can however in some cases make decisions for self-funded students outside of this time-frame.

HighWire is run annually from 1st October. We do not have intakes in any other month during the year.

For your PhD studies we recommended students meet with their supervisors every 2 weeks to ensure constant progress with their studies.

Stipend payments will be made quarterly from approximately 1st October, 1st January, 1st April and 1st July (October date can be subject to delays due to registration and setup processes)

No, you can pay in two instalments each year. The first is in October, then again in January.

The majority of our placements are within the local area, meaning students will not need to be away from home/families for long periods of time.

Please see our Collaborate section for further details.

Former students are working in research, academia and have set up their own businesses. We anticipate HighWire graduates will be very much in high demand due to their cross-disciplinary perspectives and the creativity and innovation they bring to problem solving (skills that are valued highly in industry).

Of course, please contact Tish Brown who will find a current student to respond.

There is a University wide Postgraduate Visit Day each year, for more information see here.

If you have missed this then feel free to contact us and we can arrange a convenient time for you to visit. There are also campus tour dates listed on the University site.

Information on working during your studies can be found here. Generally you can work up to 6 hours average per week, essentially 60 hours per term broken down as seen fit, as long as your studies are not affected.

Normally yes if the Admissions Team consent to this. We allow a maximum of two deferrals before you will need to re-apply.

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