Our approach

We work with organisations of a variety of sizes from large multi-nationals to micro-businesses.

Generally, in any collaborative arrangement we stress that we seek not just economic impact, but also encourage to answer to societal issues more generally (in areas such as health, wellbeing, sustainability, and social/digital inclusion).

Many of our collaborations are with small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and organisations in the North West of the UK. We have a particular goal to seek impact in a local context and this means that many of our collaborations are with organisations in Lancaster and indeed around the North West of England.

At Lancaster University and in terms of projects related to citizen engagement, we link in with three other funded research initiatives: the Creative Exchange, the Proud project (looking at new forms of knowledge transfer through co-creation and innovation) , and Catalyst (looking at how citizens can transform society through digital tools such as social networks) .

Beyond that, we have a strong interest in the creative industries through links to Media City in Salford and through our sister project, the Creative Exchange. Previous collaborators included the BBC for instance.

We also seek impact at a policy level and, as part of this, have a close working relationship with the Work Foundation in London, owned by Lancaster University, and with access to major policy makers in government. We work particularly closely with Big Innovation Centre (BiC) , set up by the Work Foundation and headed by Will Hutton.

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