What we offer

The HighWire PhD Programme

HighWire offers a doctoral training programme, spanning four years and consists of an initial year of both formal and practical training, culminating in the award of a Masters of Research (MRes), followed by a three-year period of study leading to a PhD (i.e. successful students completing the programme achieve two degrees). This 1+3 structure as illustrated below.


The training emphasises digital innovation through technologies, products, and processes and through close involvement with organisational end-users, producing career-related transferable skills that will make students valuable in a wide range of organisations.

The emphasis throughout the programme is on the overlap between the three disciplines - computing, management, and design. We seek to produce individuals who will inevitably remain grounded in a particular discipline, but who will also have an acute awareness and appreciation of the other disciplines.

Examples include the technologist with an awareness of the challenges of design (manufacturability, human-factors, aesthetics etc.) coupled with an appreciation of the business considerations of developing and marketing digital innovations into services and products, for organisational end-users and their customers.

To do so, we offer a creative space and a living laboratory where our PhD students work together with other students, faculties and external organisations, in clusters to develop and test emergent insights about innovation in the digital economy.

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