Who we are

The HighWire Centre for Doctoral Training: Creating Innovative People for Radical Change

HighWire aspires to be a world class, cross-disciplinary and user-focused Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) at Lancaster University focusing on the Digital Economy. The centre places digital innovation at the heart of its curriculum and ethos. We look to produce a new breed of PhD graduates, who are both highly innovative, have strong leadership skills, and therefore capable of leading the desired transformation in business and society. Currently, we are a community of ~ 50 (visit our people page).

Our approach is fundamentally post-disciplinary, seeking a creative fusion of the three underlying disciplines involved (Computer Science, Management and Design) in each of students' projects. We believe that by transcending disciplinary boundaries, we can focus on creative problem solving in the digital economy.

We closely align with the needs and goals of business and industry to ensure the relevance of our programme and to encourage technology exchange and early adoption of emerging technologies, processes and ideas. We also seek innovative strategies to engage with end-user organisations, particularly SMEs and micro-businesses.

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